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The archeological area of Ollantaytambo is another impressive work of the Inca architecture. It is the only Inca city that remains intact and its house are still used by local people. Ollantaytambo was built on top of two mountains at a strategic site that dominates and offers a magnificent view of the valley. Ollantaytambo was a military, religious, administrative, and agricultural complex. Also, pink granite monoliths stand out throughout the mountain full of andenes.

Ollantaytambo is not only known for its archeological complex, but it is also admired for its narrow and straight streets. Because they were built during the pre-Hispanic time, these streets still have the original channels used to collect rain. Also, the streets still conserve their original Inca names. Local people continue to dress in their typical clothes.

Altitude: 3,025 m above sea level
Weather: Temperature varies from 11º a 16ºC or 52º to 61º F.
Location: Ollantaytambo is 90 km or 56 miles northeast from Cusco.

Access: By car through the Cusco-Urubamba-Ollantaytambo road or by train via Cusco-Machu Picchu.

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